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Welcome to the p6 digital audio recording studio!
As music is my life, I decided to make money with it. Since childhood I have been interested in music and different instuments, so I play the guitar,the  piano and a very exotic instrument called bisernica and several more.
My music curriculum starts in 1984, when I started to play the accordeon. And I hated it!!!! As my teacher was always cooking, while I was playing.
1985 KORG Poly 800 II was our first synthesizer.
1988 Big Daddy Jankovic bought a KORG M1R the first and best workstation in the world,  and a KORG 76-key Masterkeyboard. Together with these two instruments and the drum machine KORG DDM 110 I made my first experiences in composing.
1987 My brother and me got our first computer. It was a Commodore 64 and a programm C-LAB supertrack. It was wonderful for midi music and if I had a Commodore today, I would still be using it.
1989 As our old equipment was not really satisfying anymore, once again Big Daddy sponsored us with an ATARI 1040 ST and a registered version of CUBASE 3.0. This time it was like buying a new car, 9.000 ATS, for this we could live 3 months.

1995 was a turning point in my live. I produced my first CD and it was a flop. This gave me the power to continue and I started building my own studio.

After some problems with Pišta, the joking man, my studio was ready. And I could final place my equipment in the summer of 98.