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over 20 years experience

p6 Studio is a cross border production studio, located in Vienna & Bratislava. It's core competences cover audio recording, mixing and mastering services as well as consultation, conception, composition (jingles, customized signations, commercials) as well as sound design and music production.

  • - up-to-date technology
  • - exquisite analog equipment
  • - detailed audio tracking
  • - professional mixing
  • - high-end audio mastering
  • - producing with passion

the studio

A great palce to work with a relaxed atmosphere will be the perfect environment for creativity and inspiration.

the equipment

Professional recording, mixing & Audio mastering with a mixture of state-of-the-art analog and digital equipment.

effective team work

As our customer you are the master in the room, we will help you to realize your production and consult and support you in each stage of the project.

time & sound

Sophisticated audio needs time and a well experienced engineer with an ear for the vibes and rythtms between the lines. We will work out the best of every track in your recording.

enjoy | your art
studio A

Room for silent work. Our isolation booth whith a clean sound for dry recordings and a view to all other rooms.

control room

Featuring a 64 track motor fader console. Our studio experience and state-of-the-art equipment will help realize your final vision.

studio b

Fifty square meters, just for "playing". Our big room is embet whith high performance acoustic treatment and wonderful room sound.

mobile equipment

We offer you a 24 to 64 channels mobile recording solution for tracking a live event or other audio production at any location.

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